This blog will attempt to break the myths about investing and how some great minds have been deeply influenced the new millennials and Generation X mind. Investing is an art that requires multiple strategies to reach the destination.  No “one“ strategy can be considered a fool proof way of the wealth creation process.

The process of investing since the era of The Great Depression from the purview of market greats like Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, John Bogle, Phillip Fisher, Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch and others have mostly stood the test of time. All these great Investors had one thing in common: the philosophy of “Value Investing“ based on fundamental data such as financial statement line items, economic data, and unstructured data in a rigorous and systematic manner.

The common thread that united these great minds was “ Precognition” What is “Precognition” ?? It is a prescience, future vision, and future sight as claimed by psychics to see events in the future. There is a cult following for all these great Value Investors and their style of investing which has been adapted time and again by the Millennials and Generation  X. The Equity and Debt markets have undergone a massive change more after 1980 when the USA went for an all out fight against Inflation and more such policies were introduced in the system by USA and various other countries.

The thesis followed by Investors across the world modeled after the legends mostly traces only “Value Investing” and not “Precognition”, as the former is quantitative in nature and latter is psychology in nature. For successful investing the combination of quantitative plus psychology gives rise to Qualitative model. Hence Psychology plays an additional  significant role towards “wealth creation”. Most Investors cannot replicate the success of these legends because of the lack of “Precognition”.

The ones who have mastered the art of Value Investing with Precognition are the most successful investors and wealth creators

 To be continued...

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