The Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation ( Part II)

2020 has awakened the giant  “ Globalisation” and has sent many countries into think tank mode. 

Does “ Globalisation “ really serve a purpose at the cost of local country growth ?

China adopted a strategy to position itself as the largest trading nation in the world , a place it officially achieved in 2009 and has never looked back since the last one decade.

So what should we learn and improvise “ the outside outlook strategy”  

“ Outside outlook strategy”  actually begins from Inside. 

The country has to find ways to increase trade amongst its own vast resources of people i.e people in order by looking after themselves inadvertently look after the others in the society by way of a chain reaction. When the system is infiltrated by outside sources ( imports) then the chain becomes a victim of outside greedy sources which will invariably ensure the wealth distribution is skewed. 

Technology should play a role to improve the production output and rather not displace the producers of the output. 

Superior human  skills combined with latest technology will be a far better successful model of productivity rather than replacing human skills with newer technology , these can be disastrous in the long run of creating a skewed wealth model. 

So the technology owners become wealthy at the expense of the people who have been replaced and ousted. 

Any country which has a relatively lower cost of production will always succeed in International trade even if they don’t have absolute advantage in production of that goods. 

Lower working class are living in paltry conditions in many of the counties because the system of labour wages is faulty across the board. Most get paid for long duration of hours discounting the per capita output and in some areas of production they get wages based on per capita output discounting the long working hours. 

This skewed system is deliberately favouring the upper class of owners , who don’t want to combine the working hours and per capita output to arrive at a fair wage. 

Unless the lower working class are not paid taking into consideration total real cost of production i.e Time plus Labour , the compensation package is hugely irrational and creates a disoriented wealth. 

Globalization is about the interconnectedness of people and businesses across the world that eventually leads to global cultural, political and economic integration , but the very basic definition has been killed because of policies favouring a wrong method of increasing GDP. 

The lure of easy customs duty to be imposed and collected at source is good income for the local Government , but creditors have put more debt in hands of the consumer and persuade them to avail these products without realising that the real income needed for affording such goods may be likely absent , so in the long run it’s the foreign manufacturers , authorities , creditors who benefit without realising if there was ever a genuine demand for the goods , instead the local manufacturing growth is sacrificed in the long run. What the authorities fail to understand is that the demand has been created for these goods at the cost of huge debt burden on the working class. On the other hand unwanted debt levels have been accommodated by the creditors. 

This economic crisis is a grave threat to individuals, as well as to the stability and future of the country. 

A flood of cheap foreign manufactured imports sold cheaper than comparable local goods during the height of globalisation can be now dislodged to favour local manufacturing. 

Globalisation should have been cultures in succession hand to each other that  flame the torch of human advancement. 

We should learn from the History of the past and shape the future.

It is the lack of faith, the fear of the future, which makes countries turn toward the past. 

Modern” democracies are anything but modern.
To a world desperately in need of change, their forceful stand for status quo gives no other alternative than the acceptance of what they have tried to destroy.

The sincere and bold effort to disconnect from the past mistakes and create a new external approach can only be achieved from internal growth. 

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