Karma of business - Begining

Law of karma catches up for everyone in life. Since the ancient age, it’s been widely said and accepted that karma will find you and you will be rewarded or punished as per your deeds in your next rebirth. A person is born with karma and this golden truth cannot be challenged or denied irrespective of your faith and beliefs. I would like to take this truth of Karma a step ahead and explain why a person not only is born with previous  karma , but he has to face the karma of his deeds even of this lifetime. Your actions will be rewarded or punished, but can your actions of goodness and harm done only to mankind be rewarded or punished, NO…. if you do injustice to your own self or to a public property or against Government offices, viz… not paying your due taxes, misusing public system, fraud a bank, etc , you will face karma before death.

Let’s see how Karma plays it’s role in business 

A business idea is like you and your wife planning to have a baby. You plan yourself outlining a business idea , raise capital, find office space, hire staff and you begin your journey same like how you and your wife will save some capital, buy or lease a apartment, hire some domestic help before the birth of the child. You begin the journey of taking care of the business, generate good progress, will seek bank loan, equity dilution, VC funding to expand. A expansion is possible if you have taken good care of your business and have not exploited it for your personal gains. You take good care of the finances, administration, staff , etc and they reward you back with positive results. A good financial and administration management will ensure that growth is visible and you will have others wanting to pour money in your business like a Investment Banker, VC , or IPO- Merchant Banker , etc. staff personnel who are treated well , will want to stand by you and seek participation in the growth of your business. Let’s say you don’t follow your rules and exploit the business for its money , administration is not governed , staff are ignored and harassed, and you will pay the price by not able to grow further and poised to fall apart one fine day. As a family if the wife , child, parents and working staff at home are respected and loved and taken care by you, you are bound to be happy and healthy and progress is visible, if you do not follow any of the above, you are faced with vice versa in life. If a person simply follows the role of righteousness in his business , he progresses, if he follows path of dishonesty , he will not succeed. Any success achieved will be temporary and short lived. Karma will catch up and he will not be able to sustain in the long run.

Running a successful business is no rocket science, according to me , same like how you need money , a good family, clean and nice home, blessings of the elders and divine forces to progress in life , the same are required to run a successful business, some capital, good staff , administration, cooperation from clients ( this is  equal to blessings of elders in the family) can only be gained if you give good and reliable services or sell good products , like how you gain blessings by being good to the elders and of course prayers play a important role in both the places. You seek loan to buy a house, fund your child’s education, etc. the same principle comes in to play when you seek to expand your business and sometimes you need a overdraft to settle some bills like who you need a credit card if you don’t have sufficient cash to carry into the mid month at your house.

A good businessman has to understand that running his business is same like running his own house , he has to keep it simple and not complicate matters for himself or others who are part of his business.

we will further learn karma of business in the next part of this blog.

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