Karma of Business - conclusion

Amazon, Flipkart , whatsapp , Uber , Airbnb, were not created to be monster in size as they are today, rather they were created as innovative ideas by some intelligent persons who thought they can challenge the traditional way of doing business and create simple stuff for the consumers.

In fact it’s the way of doing business by these people that it’s what it’s today. It’s easy to blame Amazon or Flipkart for killing your friendly neighborhood shopkeepers, traditionally run grocery shops, brick and mortar shops, just imagine would these traditional shops offered you discounts, friendly schemes, pay less than MRP, etc about 10 years back from today, NO … consumers didn’t have much choice and they were bullied into buying everything at MRP and resellers were making huge profits. The new age disruptors have showed us the way you can buy your essential goods and luxury goods at affordable prices and pay even at convenience.

The landline phone , early telecom revolution of mobile phones were technology , offering services at high cost or even charging for smallest of services offered, nobody had heard of value added services ( VAS) about 15 years back, A whatsapp came and offered everything free to consumers and see what’s happened to the landline black phone or early telecom operators.

Hotels were a luxury with exorbitant rates , then came AIRBNB , and see where they are today. Yellow cabs in your city, auto rickshaw, etc were dictating and sometimes consumers were helpless, came OLA and UBER and every traditional service providers is at his knees.

I would argue this is Karma at play,a Japanese proverb says “ Customer is like a God “ , treat him well with respect , it’s he who is going to make you what you want to be and will help you to raise in business. Monopoly business and traditional businesses were not as customer friendly as they are today, consumers were either paying high prices or not getting value for money or good services for the amount being paid, Karma doesn’t spare anyone who doesn’t respect others or who cheats in his profession, etc.

New age businesses just changed the perception of doing business and treats customers like kings by offering discounts, friendly schemes, etc in order to grab business from competitors and eventually are also offering good services with a smile and respect, so automatically Good Karma comes into play and you are getting what you wanted to do with your business. There was a time when a yellow cab or auto rickshaw in your city would refuse to ply customer if he was not comfortable with the journey destination or would overcharge to provide services, poor customers had no choice, bad karma getting deposited in the business owner and today a  OLA or UBER registered cab doesn’t even know his destination, till the customers has actually boarded his cab. Affordable rates, doorstep services with a smile, no more arguments over fares , etc… Good Karma prevailed.

Yes , we do have our share of problems with this new age business, but nothing can be created without trial and error, so let’s give some time and definitely there is improvement around the corner, but let’s not forget that it’s Good Karma which will prevail and not some monopoly dictatorship like business. So there is a strong relationship between Karma and business, which needs to be understood for a good businessman and only truth and sincerity will prosper, others will just come along and go away without any trace.

Here are few problems that a bad Karma business will face

  1. Abuse your customers and they will ditch you as soon as an alternative comes along
  2. Abuse your competition and they will strike back harder at you next time
  3. Abuse your employees and you’ll lose the most talented prospects , leaving you with the people who can’t get work anywhere else
  4. Abuse the law and you will get caught sooner or later
  5. Abuse the environment and eventually the resources you need will be gone

In the digital world, giving is receiving

Traditional business models could make it seem like there was no benefit in giving to others, but in digital marketing, it’s very clear that giving is the best way to receive

Blackberry phones were one of the most sought after creation about 10 years back, but they had a problem, they wanted to have control over their BBM messaging services and Apps being registered, etc. whatsapp just borrowed the BBM idea and made it free for everyone… a service oriented business worth USD 19 billion when Facebook acquired in 2014 , BBM is out of business… think about it, does it resemble good Karma vs bad Karma ??

We conclude this part of Karma of Business and will share more valuable information everyday.


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